In which Australian politicians continue to be batshit, and other people say it better than me.

Sometimes I find it really hard to blog when the recent news has been particularly lack-of-sense-making and others have already puzzled over it far more eloquently than I:

Joyce, Katter, Devine: Last bastion against the Gaypocalypse

Sometimes ‘representative’ politics makes me feel so dirty. And not in a good way.

In other news,  I’m leaving for Paris in a week, so blog posts will continue to be thin on the ground for the next month or so. Perhaps there will be a photographic interlude, or some daily notebook transcriptions. Perhaps Australian politicians will one day get a clue. Ah, these far-off, distant, nebulous hopes…

In the meantime, please read and educate yourself on the REAL hazards of Gay Marriage, and how It Killed The Dinosaurs!




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