“Utter nonsense”

In recent news, Kevin Rudd’s sister has quit the Australian Labor Party because she “couldn’t work for a party that had endorsed homosexuals marrying”.

(For some reason the political opinions of a sibling of an ex-Prime Minister are newsworthy? Whatevs.)

She seems to be a little misinformed, since endorsing gay marriage is exactly what the majority of Australians want a political party to do, and it’s not what the Labor party has done. There’s a big difference between ‘endorsement’ and ‘allowing a conscience vote so that politicians can indulge in their prejudice’.

Isn’t it fantastic, though, the way she uses the word ‘homosexuals’? How you can practically hear the disgust dripping from her voice? You could imagine a version of her 50 years ago talking about ‘blacks’ or ‘Jews’ in the same sort of tone.


I actually posted this link for the amusement factor of the extreme irony in her comments:

“I don’t believe gay marriage is good for the community,” she said.

“Homosexuals should be loved and treated right and they should not be  discriminated against.

“It is a horrible thing for them to be discriminated against and that’s why  my brother introduced laws so they are not discriminated against.

“But to make that huge leap from their rights to breaking a commandment of  Moses, to say homosexuals’ relationships is marriage, is utter nonsense.”

Utter nonsense?? Utter nonsense is making statements like “I don’t believe gay marriage is good for the community” while ignoring all evidence that points out that gay marriages and children of gay parents are perfectly well adjusted, and ignoring the fact that this ‘community’ that she claims to care so much about actually supports gay marriage.

‘Utter nonsense’ is waffling on about how homosexuals should be loved and not discriminated against, while at the same time denying them a basic right.

And finally, the most utterly nonsensical thing of all is to base your prejudiced view of other individual’s rights on, of all things, “a commandment of Moses.

… Do these people ever stop and listen to themselves and think, Hmm, who is this insane person babbling about crazy things? OH WAIT IT’S ME.

The Commandments Of Jennifer state that All Loves Were Created Are Equal, and should be treated as such. And I’m pretty sure my commandments, as a real-life citizen of the 21st century, should be considered a heck of a lot more valid than some random fictitious guy from a couple millenia ago.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Daniel
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 10:38:27

    Funny, I don’t remember Moses having any commandments of his own, only stuff that some tree that was on fire and claiming to be god told him to write on some rocks. And of these ten commandments the only ones that even refer to marriage are the ones that tell you not to commit adultery, and the one about coveting your neighbours wife and/or his/her ass.


  2. Kirjava
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 20:33:38

    Tree on fire pretending to be god… I think not only a millenia old ficticous guy, but a delusional one at that? *sigh*
    Well she is just the sister of an ex-PM. You’re right, who cares?


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