A Very Quick Whine

(This could have ended up being a Very Long Whine, so everyone should be thankful that I’m busy at the moment.)

I’m so incredibly sick of hearing the phrase, “Of course women aren’t responsible for being raped/harrassed/threatened/leered at, but…”


… BUT?!

There is no place for a ‘but’ in that sentence. Women aren’t responsible for bad male behaviour, no ifs, no conditions, no qualifiers  and no freaking buts. It’s really goddamn simple. Is it really so hard for people to come out with the simple, supportive statement of “women are not responsible”, and leave a full stop after that statement? What, do some people really believe that women are all masters of hypnosis, or that maybe we’ve slipped something into the water supply and can magically control male behaviour at a whim? Insulting to women, insulting to men, and just plain ridiculous. Bah.

Read Josephine Tovey’s article in the SMH the other day for a sane, sensible summary.


In other completely unrelated news, I am moving across the city. Expect photos (eventually)!


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