‘Doctors’ for the ‘Family’

Would you trust your doctor to administer healthcare to you if they were incapable of acknowledging or understanding a peer-reviewed, scientific consensus?

If the answer is any variation of “Um, hell no”, as I rather suspect it would be, you should probably check that your family doctor doesn’t belong to the Australian group called ‘Doctors for the Family’. (Everyone knows that the word ‘Family’ in any group name should immediately set off loud warning sirens and red flashing lights.)

Doctors for the Family have recently presented a submission to the Senate Committee against any changes to the existing Marriage Act. Their reasoning can basically be summed up as “Won’t somebody think of the children!!1!

They have stated that children of gay parents are somehow worse-off than children of straight parents. In doing so they have blithely ignored the plethora of scientific evidence surrounding the wellbeing of children with non-hetero parents, and have instead substituted a whole lot of non-peer reviewed, Australian-Christian-Lobby-funded garbage in place of actual science, in order to support their religiously inspired bigotry and their desire to impose it on the rest of the country. There is a good analysis on The Conversation here and here.

Don’t you just love it when people try to use the respectability and legitimacy of [fake] science to support their prejudice?

The submission (with the names of all doctors involved) can be downloaded from this government page (it’s number 229). I recommend checking to make sure that your doctor is not on the list. If they are, I recommend ditching them as fast as possible, and letting them know in no uncertain terms why you are doing so.

The thought that there are practising doctors out there who don’t understand medical science (or at least, who refuse to acknowledge it when it contradicts their personal bias) is a little bit scary.


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