I have discovered the most wonderful, fascinating, time-sucking, inspirational place on the internet!

Here it is!!

It is the kind of site, like tvtropes or wikipedia, that makes one understand where the phrase “surfing the web” comes from. Thirteen tabs open at the moment, and each one spawns more, like some strange technological fractal. Your brain becomes a spiderweb [hyper]linking it all together, mixing metaphors with gleeful abandon.

Also, clicking and reading and clicking and reading has led me to this article once again – it’s the final piece that Ray Bradbury wrote for the New Yorker before his death earlier this year, and god, it makes me teary. I feel the loss of authors I’ve read like the passing of close friends, and why not? You’ve been inside their head, and they inside yours. It’s not so strange, really.


“Even at that age, I was beginning to perceive the endings of things, like this lovely paper light. I had already lost my grandfather, who went away for good when I was five. I remember him so well: the two of us on the lawn in front of the porch, with twenty relatives for an audience, and the paper balloon held between us for a final moment, filled with warm exhalations, ready to go.”


There’s one day left before the summer.


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