Icky Naughty Dirty Bad Sinful Humans!

Some thoughts about sin, prompted by the Godbotherer handing out pamphlets on my way to the train station this morning:

Just for reasons of pure practicality, isn’t it better to assume that people are essentially decent, and try to actively fix any mistakes we make, rather than assuming that all people are inherently Bad and Sinful and praying constantly to an invisible presence for forgiveness? The first option seems obviously more productive, in terms of ‘making the world a better place’. (I guess you might not have much reason to care about that if you believe in an afterlife though?)

Apart from practicality, it’s also a much less depressing way to go through life.

‘Original Sin’ makes me feel dirty. Not because I have it – just that there are people out there who seem to believe that this is a reasonable approach to the world. I know not all Christian denominations are so strong on the Original Sin thing, but every branch (correct me if I’m wrong) believes in the concept of sin – otherwise there’s no need for Jesus, no need for forgiveness.

I think the sooner humanity can let go of the idea that we’re all icky naughty dirty bad creatures, the sooner we can move on to better things. And the happier we’ll be.


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  1. Gemma Amy Lee
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 13:37:12

    I wholeheartedly agree Jen. It’s such a strange message to spread; that Christian values are all about compassion, acceptance and transformation, yet almost everyone who has every given me a Godpamphlet pushes the idea that I have already done something wrong, that I’m inherently evil and need to be saved… from what? I feel like I’m a pretty good person, I always try to be positive and fair towards everyone… So what am I doing wrong?


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