And they’re surprised that newspaper subscriptions are plummeting?

Bob Ellis wrote a steaming pile of excrement on The Drum yesterday. I’m not going to link to it because I don’t want my blog to catch whatever disgusting brain-disease Mr. Ellis seems to suffer from. You can google it if you must. (I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you’ve just eaten. Or if you do, at least cover your computer and keyboard with a layer of protective plastic to ward off your gag reflex).

Two good things, however, have come of this:

1)  It’s finally cinched my decision to stop wasting time with the Sydney Morning Herald. Can someone recommend for me a good source of Australian/international news? (Apart from The Conversation, naturally!)

[Edit – in my sleep-addled state I somehow managed to conflate the ABC with the SMH?? Um. Sheepish. But the SMH also use trollumnists, so I guess my question generally stands.]

2) I have picked up the word ‘trollumnist’ from The News With Nipples (I definitely recommend reading this for a summary of the nauseating Ellis piece – spare yourself the pain of the original). I shall now gleefully incorporate it into everyday conversation. Where has this piece of terminology been all my life?!

3) I foresee copious uses of the ‘Fail’ category in my wee little blog’s future.