I know this is a very selfish reaction, but I keep thinking of all the beautiful buildings in Nepal that I might not get to see again…

Durbar Square

The mystery of words

Rainbow Sky


Photography: Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

Since I’m still going through and editing photos from my 2012 Europe trip, I thought I would post a few images from the day on Mount Pilatus (Switzerland) here, along with an excerpt from my travel journal. It was probably one of the best days of the trip.

Click on each photo for larger images (you can also click through to my online gallery if you would like to see more of my photography).


July 28th, 2012.

Today we went up the steepest cogwheel railway in the world to the top of Mount Pilatus. According to medieval sightings, a dragon used to live in a cave up there. It was a fairytale landscape; and I don’t mean Disney, I mean the kind of faerie tale where wolves are real and the forest is dark and cold, deadly and beautiful, and there is snow on nearby mountaintops, and black bird feathers ruffle as they ride the icy breeze. It was rugged and absolutely… there’s no word. There’s no word for the feeling in your gut when you look at mountains like that. The Romantic poets called it the ‘sublime’. I want to write stories about that mountain, the wildflowers and the drifting clouds and the old legends. We hiked up to the highest peak, Tomlishorn, and I put two sharp stones in my pocket and told myself that they were old dragon’s teeth.


I think I can

The Photographer


Mountain Blooms


Will Ye Go






I want to see mountains again


The approaching storm


This is one of my favourite photos from my 2011 Europe trip, or perhaps ever – and it was an accidental one. The girl ran into the frame and threw her head back just as I pressed the shutter button.

When I look at it now I can feel exactly what I felt when I took it, exactly what I heard and smelled and thought. I can remember the taste of the air. I don’t know if it will leave any impression on anyone else, but it does this for me. To me it’s a moment made infinite.

It’s why I take photographs.


A New Era!

Waaay back in the dark ages of 2010, I went on my first big overseas trip to India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia.

Today, I’ve finally finished sorting through, editing and uploading the 4,000+ photos that I took on that trip.

Just in time, too, because I go overseas again in 2 days!

My photo gallery can be found here.

Flower markets at Mullik Ghat

I am one trip behind in my endeavours to sort through and upload my travel photography. It’s so time-consuming!

So, instead of Paris and London, here’s something a little different – the flower markets at Mullik Ghat, under the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata, India. (March 2010).